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What is blue bird card?

How does the Bluebird card work?

Cash Withdrawal: Because the Bluebird works like an ATM card, you can put value on the card then withdraw it as cash without an ATM fee if you have direct deposit linked to your account. Otherwise it’s $2 per withdrawal. Then you can use that to pay for whatever you want.

What is Bluebird card used for?

Your Bluebird ® American Express® Prepaid Debit Card can be used for purchases virtually anywhere American Express is accepted internationally. At this time you cannot use international ATMs. Additionally, international use is not available to accountholders who are Vermont residents or to subaccount users.

Is Bluebird card a credit card?

Bluebird from American Express is a prepaid card that cuts fees and offers banking and shopping features that beat many competitors. Plus, you get access to money-saving Amex Offers that otherwise are only available with credit cards.

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Is Bluebird a Visa or Mastercard?

Note that American Express Bluebird is not a credit card. It does come with a prepaid debit card. The maximum spending limit on this prepaid debit card (merchant and online transactions) is a total of $15,000 per month.

Does Bluebird report to IRS?

Bluebird won’t report you to the irs.

Can I transfer money from Bluebird to bank account?

You can transfer money only to your linked checking or savings account, but not to a debit card. Log into your Bluebird Account. Go to Money Out then select Transfer to Bank. If you already have a linked bank account, the bank name will be displayed.

Does Bluebird have a monthly fee?

Bluebird Card Pros No monthly or purchase transaction fees. Several free ways to add money to the card, including direct deposit, transfers from a linked debit card or external bank account, mobile check deposits and cash reloads at Walmart registers. Extensive, free ATM network of over 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs.

What bank does Bluebird use?

Please see Member Agreement for complete details. Bluebird ® Bank Account is a demand deposit account established by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC. Bluebird Account terms, conditions and fees apply. Please see Deposit Account Agreement for complete details.

Can I withdraw money from Bluebird at Walmart?

If you still have a Bluebird ® American Express® Reloadable Prepaid Card you purchased at Walmart, you can use your Bluebird temporary card at ATMs that permit American Express transactions within the United States and Puerto Rico, including ATMs at Walmart stores, but only once you register for a Bluebird Prepaid

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How do I put money on my bluebird card?

Cash – You can add cash to your Account at Walmart, or directly at the register at thousands of participating retailer locations. Just give your Bluebird card and the cash you want to add at the Walmart MoneyCenter or directly at a register, and your money will be available in your Account.

Is Bluebird a bank account?

Bluebird ® Bank Account A fee-friendly bank Account with a widely accepted Visa® Debit Card that lets you manage your money with ease and flexibility. Enjoy features like online bill pay and in-network ATM withdrawals at over 30,000 MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide – all with $0 monthly maintenance fees.

Where can I load my bluebird card for free?

Adding cash at Walmart is free and the money you tender at the register will be available in your Bluebird Account immediately. If you cash a check at your local Walmart, you can ask for the money to be immediately added into your Bluebird Account.

How much money can I withdraw from my bluebird card?

You can use your Bluebird to pay bills (such as your credit cards ), send checks, and to withdraw cash at ATMs. Bluebird now charges $2.50 for withdrawing cash at out-of-network ATMs. But it has increased the daily withdrawal limit to $750 per day until you reach the $2,000 per month maximum.

What is the maximum amount you can put on a bluebird card?

The maximum balance you can have on American Express Bluebird is $100,000. If you are often close to the maximum balance, it may be time to put your money to work and deposit it in an account that yields interest, such as a savings account, a CD, or a money market account.

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Does cash App accept Bluebird card?

1) Open your Cash App and click on your balance on the bottom left corner. ​2) Click on Add Bank. ​3) Enter the American Express Bluebird Prepaid Card info into the fields on the screen, and click Add Card on the bottom right corner.

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