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Readers ask: What is west virginia’s state bird?

What is the state animal for West Virginia?

The Black Bear was selected as West Virginia’s official State Animal by a poll of students, teachers and sportsmen conducted by the Division of Natural Resources in 1954-1955.

Why is the cardinal West Virginia’s state bird?

West Virginia State Bird: Cardinal Its scientific name is Cardinalis cardinalis. The Cardinal is sometimes called the Winter Redbird because it is most noticeable during the winter when it is the only “redbird” present. The Cardinal is one of the most common birds in our gardens, meadows, and woodlands.

What is West Virginia known for?

Located in the Appalachian region, West Virginia has some of the most rugged land in the country. The state’s rolling mountains, hills and valleys earned it the nickname of The Mountain State, and it is well-known for its range of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, skiing and whitewater rafting.

What is the West Virginia state flag?

Flag of West Virginia

Name West Virginia
Use Civil and state flag
Adopted March 7, 1962
Design A pure white field bordered on four sides by a stripe of blue with the coat of arms of West Virginia in the center, wreathed by Rhododendron maximum and topped by an unfurled red ribbon reading “State of West Virginia.”
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What is the state food of West Virginia?

Pepperoni Rolls This fall festival celebrates not only the area’s rich Italian heritage, but West Virginia’s official state food, the pepperoni roll. The pepperoni roll was developed by an Italian baker circa 1930 as an easy meal for coal miners to carry in their lunch pails, and it remains a popular snack today.

What is WV state motto?

Montani Semper Liberi (Latin for “Mountaineers are Always Free”) is the official motto of the state of West Virginia.

What is the poorest city in West Virginia?

Grafton. Grafton, unfortunately, ranks as the poorest place in West Virginia thanks to combination of low pay and and a lack of jobs. The city of 5,061 people averages the 6th lowest median household income in West Virginia and the 8th highest poverty rate.

Is West Virginia a safe state?

While West Virginia lags behind much of the U.S. economically, the state boasts impressive violent and property crime rates below the national average in both categories. West Virginia’s Safest Cities.

City Weirton
Total crimes 175
Crime rate per 1,000 9.44
Violent crimes per 1,000 0.49
Property crimes per 1,000 8.95

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Who is the most famous person in West Virginia?

Famous West Virginians! Hal Greer, professional basketball player. Mary Lou Retton, professional gymnast. Randy Moss, professional football player. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems. George Preston Marshall, owner and president of the Washington Redskins. Ted Cassidy, actor. Jennifer Garner, actress. Brad Paisley, country singer and songwriter.

What animal represents Virginia?

The Virginia state bird is the cardinal. The Virginia state flower is a dogwood.

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What are the state colors of Virginia?

The prominent colors are a deep blue and white, with supporting colors within the seal like red and green, the colors of Virginia creeper.

Who designed the WV state flag?

The state of West Virginia separated from Virginia and was the 35th state admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863. An official state flag was not adopted until 1905, although it did adopt a state seal and designated that same design as the state coat of arms in 1863. That seal was designed by Joseph H. Diss Debar.

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