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Readers ask: How to repair broken concrete bird bath?

What do you do with a broken bird bath?

If you have an old bird bath and the top has been broken, save the base. Find a pretty bowling ball at a garage sale and set it on the base for a unique lawn ornament. Fill with soil and put succulents in it with a tiny house and a couple of fairies for a cute “fairyland” arrangement.

How do I dispose of a concrete birdbath?

Recycle that base from your broken bird bath! Many times I have rescued the bottom portions of those broken concrete bird baths that are out for the trash. Just turn them over and sink the narrow top end into the ground by using a narrow bladed shovel or a post hole digger until it is sitting stable in the dirt.

What do you use to seal a concrete bird bath?

We recommend applying three to four coats of the SILOXA-TEK 8510 penetrating concrete sealer wet-on-wet. The Siloxa-Tek 8510 concrete sealer will help to reduce moisture seepage, prevent mold and mildew growth and it is the best solution to help seal a concrete fountain or birdbath.

How do I stop my concrete fountain from leaking?

Use a putty knife or similar tool, if necessary, to help the sealant penetrate the cracks and ensure that each crack is covered. Allow the sealant sufficient time to dry completely. Sand the sealant, if necessary, to create an even surface within the fountain. Apply waterproofing concrete sealant or paint if desired.

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How do you waterproof a concrete fountain?

Waterproofing. After you’ve painted the surface of the fountain, any clear waterproof coating will work to waterproof the fountain. If you have a concrete fountain, look for a sealant like a concrete and masonry sealer that will provide protection against harsh weather.

How do you repair a concrete statue?

Apply the epoxy to the cement statue cracks or chips by squeezing it on, or applying it with a putty knife if it is in a tub. To reattach part of the statue, apply a 1/4-inch layer of epoxy to both the broken piece and the statue and press them together for two to three minutes.

How do you seal concrete to hold water?

Apply a thin coat of concrete sealant with a paint brush. Use back and forth even strokes to apply an even coat. Wear a mask and rubber gloves while applying the sealant to avoid inhaling any fumes or allowing the sealant to come in contact with your skin.

Should you seal a concrete bird bath?

Apply Sealant to Concrete Birdbaths If water is seeping through the concrete, you may have to use sealant on the whole inner surface. If cracks are letting the water out, you can fill and seal them. Silicone caulk fills cracks permanently, and it comes in tubes that make application easy.

Which Flex Seal is best for concrete?

Flex Shot and Flex Seal Liquid are great options for attacking a basement wall leak. Flex Shot includes an easy to use extension tube that makes it easy to get into corners or other tight spots.

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