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Quick Answer: What does bird mean?

What does calling a girl a bird mean?

a promiscuous female. See more words with the same meaning: promiscuous.

What does he’s a bird mean?

Bird is often used to refer to the drug cocaine, someone flipping the birds mean that they are selling drugs. This is where rapper and CEO Birdman got his name from. Giving someone the middle finger is also referred to as giving them the bird (flipping someone off).

Is Bird an insult?

1 Answer. Well only a woman can be a bird. Yes it’s similar to ‘chick’ in the US. It’s not a particularly offensive word but you wouldn’t use it in any sort of polite company or probably when women were present.

What is a bird woman?

A woman who works with birds. noun.

What does bird mean sexually?

What is the exact meaning of ” bird ” here? A likely interpretation from Wiktionary is. (Britain, US, slang) A girl or woman, especially one considered sexually attractive.

What is the spiritual meaning of birds?

The meanings of birds and their symbolism varies greatly from representing immortality, departed souls, and spirit messengers to representing fertility, protection, and strength.

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What is a bird in street slang?

A Bird means a girl or woman who is promiscuous and stupid. Birds is the plural of Bird and means a group of promiscuous and stupid girls or women.

What is bird slang for in England?

Bird: A woman, usually in the 18-40 age range. Except don’t actually use it, because you’ll sound a) like a dad and b) sexist.

What is bird in simple words?

noun. any warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Aves, having a body covered with feathers, forelimbs modified into wings, scaly legs, a beak, and no teeth, and bearing young in a hard-shelled egg.

What does you a bird mean?

1 or flip (someone) the bird, US: to make an offensive gesture at someone by pointing the middle finger upward while keeping the other fingers folded down He flipped them the bird.

What is a bird classified as?

Birds are categorised as the biological class Aves in Linnaean taxonomy. Phylogenetic taxonomy places Aves in the dinosaur clade Theropoda.

What do birds do?

They use their beak and their claws to get bugs, worms, small mammals, fish, fruit, grain, or nectar. Birds play a very important part in the natural control of insects and in the dispersal of seeds. Some birds, like the tiny, nectar-eating hummingbird are important pollinators of some flowering plants.

When did birds arise?

Fossil records suggest that modern birds originated 60 million years ago, after the end of the Cretaceous period about 65 million years ago when dinosaurs died off. But molecular studies suggest that the genetic divergences between many lineages of birds occurred during the Cretaceous period.

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