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Quick Answer: How much is a larry bird rookie card worth?

How much are Larry Bird cards worth?

One of the very first One of One cards for Bird, and a lot more have been produced in recent years. From Panini products, the price range for 1 of 1 Larry Bird cards is $75 to $150. The unique 1 of 1 cards from their expensive boxes, like Gold Standard, can sell for around $300.

What is Larry Bird’s rookie card?

1980 Topps Bird/ Erving /Johnson Scoring Leader This is the Larry Bird chase card, his key rookie card. The card is such a cardboard powerhouse, it contains not one but three Hall of Famers ( Magic Johnson and Julius Irving join Bird on this card).

What is the most expensive football card?

1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card One of the NFL’s original Hall of Fame inductees in 1963, his 1935 National Chile rookie card is also the most valuable football card in the hobby.

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How much is Tiger Woods rookie card worth?

A 1996 SI For Kids Tiger Woods card graded Gem Mint 10 by PSA sold for an astonishing $125,000 this past week. That’s right, $125,000! This is not only the highest price ever recorded for a modern card but it is also one of the highest prices realized of all-time.”

How much are Charles Barkley cards worth?

Charles Barkley Basketball Trading Card Values

1985 JMS #4 Charles Barkley
1993 Topps Gold #204 Charles Barkley $0.34
1993 Topps Gold #373 Charles Barkley $0.22
1993 Topps Gold #393 Charles Barkley $0.34
1993 Ultra All-NBA #1 Charles Barkley $0.95

Are Michael Jordan cards worth anything?

The rare Michael Jordan cards are the 1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems and the 1985 Prism Jewel Michael Jordan Basketball Card Sticker (both cards are worth a small fortune at high grades).

How much is a Kobe Bryant rookie card worth?

Kobe Bryant Rookie Card Sells for Record $500K, Graded Gem Mint 10.

What is Michael Jordan’s rookie card worth?

A recent PSA 10 Jordan rookie card only went for $217,000 USD on January 3, while another closed at $211,560 USD back in December 2020. In December 2019, the same card, the 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card would have only been worth around $32,000 USD.

What is the value of a Joe Montana rookie card?

Joe Montana Rookie Card Value These days a Montana rookie card in a PSA 10 holder usually sell for around $15,000 or so. If you’re lucky you can get one for a bit less than that but don’t count on it. Once you start looking in the PSA 9 range, then you should generally expect to pay between $600 and $900.

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How much is a Patrick Mahomes card worth?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes 2017 rookie card sold for a record $861,000.

Are football cards still worth money?

The most popular players’ cards are typically worth the most. Though any given player might be featured on a number of cards, their rookie card (RC) is the most valuable. RCs from All-Star or Hall of Fame players are some of the most valuable on the market.

Are football cards worth collecting?

Collecting football cards conclusion Collectors are funny when it comes to determining the value of a piece of cardstock with a picture on it. The monetary value for football cards is subjective yet, we spend thousands of dollars on them. To me, the historic value is worth more than the money.

Who are the richest golfers in the world?

10 Richest Golfers Of All Time Published on: 28 / 04 / 2020 JORDAN SPIETH. Net Worth: $100 Million. FRED COUPLES. Net Worth: $120 Million. RORY MCILROY. Net Worth: $130 Million. GREG NORMAN. Net Worth: $300 Million. JACK NICKLAUS. Net Worth: $320 Million. ARNOLD PALMER. Net Worth: $700 Million. TIGER WOODS. Net Worth: $800 Million.

What is Tiger Woods rookie card?

2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Rookie Card #1 The 2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Rookie Card is probably his most iconic card. It’s also one of the most readily available. Woods ‘ popularity was enough to convince Upper Deck to offer the first mainstream golf cards since Pro Set made their last set for the sport in 1992.

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What year is Tiger Woods rookie card?

The card was issued in 1996, Woods’ rookie season on the PGA Tour, in which he won twice.

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