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Often asked: What is a kisatchie bird?

What is the bird on the Louisiana Quarter?

The quarter’s design features a wild turkey in flight over a a patch of blue stem grass with long leaf pines in the background. Kisatchie National Forest is one of five national forests selected for the series of coins.

What is Kisatchie on the quarter?

Its reverse or tails side has a design emblematic of the Kisatchie National Forest, which Louisiana’s only forest. Designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Joseph Menna, it depicts a wild turkey in flight over blue stem grass. Inscribed around the image are KISATCHIE, LOUISIANA, 2015, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

What’s on the Louisiana Quarter?

The Louisiana quarter, the third quarter of 2002 and eighteenth in the 50 State Quarters ® Program, displays the image of Louisiana’s state bird — the pelican, a trumpet with musical notes, and the outline of the Louisiana Purchase territory, along with the inscription ” Louisiana Purchase”.

Where is Kisatchie Louisiana?

Kisatchie National Forest, the only National forest in Louisiana, United States, is located in the forested piney hills and hardwood bottoms of seven central and northern parishes.

Kisatchie National Forest
Location Louisiana, United States
Coordinates 31°20′20″N 92°24′45″WCoordinates: 31°20′20″N 92°24′45″W
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What quarters were released in 2010?


Jurisdiction Site Release Date
Arkansas Hot Springs National Park 4/19/2010
Wyoming Yellowstone National Park 6/1/2010
California Yosemite National Park 7/26/2010
Arizona Grand Canyon National Park 9/20/2010

How much is a 2015 Kisatchie quarter worth?

Both the 2015 P Kisatchie quarter and 2015 D Kisatchie quarter are each worth around $0.50 in about uncirculated condition. The value is around $0.75 in uncirculated condition with an MS 63 grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $1.

What state quarter is the rarest?

Billions of Coins Minted, but not evenly

1. 2008-D Oklahoma 2003-P Alabama
2. 2004-P Iowa 2003-P Missouri
3. 2002-P Ohio 2003-P Illinois
4. 2003-P Maine 2004-D Michigan
5. 2008-P Oklahoma 2004-P Wisconsin

Which quarters are worth more?

The Top 15 Most Valuable Quarters 1834 Proof Capped Bust Quarter. Stack’s Bowers Galleries. 1841 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter. 1804 Draped Bust Quarter. 1828 Capped Bust Quarter – Repunched Denomination 25/5/50C. 1838 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter – No Drapery. 1805 Draped Bust Quarter. 1807 Draped Bust Quarter. 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter.

How much is a 2020 quarter worth?

The value of a 2020-W quarter is based on the condition of the coin: A worn 2020-W quarter can fetch between $5 and $10. A 2020-W quarter in average uncirculated condition is generally worth $15 to $20. The nicest 2020-W quarters — those grading Mint State-68 or better can bring more than $500.

How much is a Louisiana quarter worth?

Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around 25 cents, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $15 at auction.

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