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Often asked: How to use rain bird sprinkler system?

How do you use a Rainbird sprinkler system?

Open the door of the ESP timer box to access the control panel. Check to make sure the current date and time are correct. Choose the program that you wish to modify by sliding the “Program” switch to either A, B or C. Turn the dial to any of the numbered valves to program the watering run time.

How do you set the watering time on a Rainbird?

Turn the dial to “ Set Watering Start Times ”. You will see the 1st start time for Program A. Press the right or the left arrows to toggle between start times and find one of the other start times to turn off. Press the + or – buttons to change the time setting.

How do you adjust Rainbird sprinklers?

Move the sprinkler head by hand to adjust the watering direction. Grip the spray head between two fingers. Then, rotate it by hand so it is aimed at the direction you want the water to spray. For example, if you want the water to spray towards the right, rotate the head to the right.

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How do you install a sprinkler system yourself?

plot types and locations of sprinkler heads. Plan the System. install an anti siphon valve. Access the Water Line. dig the trench for system. attach one end of valve manifold assembly to water. attach risers using 90 degree connectors. level sprinkler heads with soil level. timer controls length and frequency of waterings.

How do you turn off a Rainbird sprinkler system?

To turn off your sprinkler system at the controller, simply turn the dial/knob on the controller to the off position. Most controller user manuals can be found online, such as Rain Bird controllers (http://www.

Why is one sprinkler zone not working?

A lawn sprinkler system is usually divided into two or more zones that water independently of each other. Each zone consists of several sprinkler heads controlled by a valve that is electrically activated. If a single zone is not working, the problem is usually an electrical issue or a defective controller or solenoid.

Why does a sprinkler zone stay on?

Debris can enter the valve chamber and keep it held open. In addition to wasting water on the one zone, the water pressure will be lower and there might not be enough water going on the other zones.

Why do my sprinklers turn on twice?

A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program is required, a second start time will cycle the program an additional time.

What is a Rainbird day cycle?

DAY CYCLE: The number of days before the cycle repeats, i.e., 7- day cycle: one week long: 3- day cy- cle: once every three days. WATERING DAYS: set weekdays ON or OFF as watering days (7- day cycle ). Set “Today’s” number within the cycle (1 through 6- day cycles ). START TIME: The time of day that the program begins.

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How do I adjust the sprinkler radius?

To adjust the throw radius simply insert a fine-tip flat-head screwdriver into the metal screw (located at the center of the head). Rotate clockwise to decrease the radius, and counter-clockwise to increase the radius. 1. To adjust the arc simply twist the center collar (adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees).

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