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How do i reset my rain bird sprinkler system?

How do I reset my sprinkler system?

How to Reset a Sprinkler System Turn the control dial to the “off” position. Press the “next” button to access the clear-memory feature. Press and hold the “off” button until the display stops blinking. Turn the control dial to the “run” position. Press and hold down the “minus” arrow and “prog” buttons simultaneously.

Why does my Rainbird sprinkler system run twice?

A common reason why a program is repeating is that you have a second start time set. The start times control the exact time your ESP-Me timer will begin to water and they also control how many times a day your timer will water. The ESP-Me allows you to set up to 6 start times per program.

Why does my irrigation system finish watering and then start again?

If a station does not have a run time set, it will be skipped, and the next consecutive station with a run time in the program will start watering. Set up your watering schedule — the specific day or days the program runs.

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Why does my sprinkler system not work?

Backflow Device Valves If your sprinkler system won’t turn on or if you have low water pressure, this could be caused by the valves not being turned on all the way. Just locate the valves and make sure they are both turned on (you should have 2 valves, one located on the horizontal pipes and one for the vertical ones).

Why do my sprinklers turn on twice?

A common reason for a controller to repeat a cycle is too many programmed start times. Only one start time per active program is required, a second start time will cycle the program an additional time.

How long should I run each sprinkler zone?

As a general rule rotor heads should run twice as long as spray heads. When conditions become dry and the need for spring watering begins, set rotor zones to run 30 minutes in each zone and spray heads for 15 minutes.

Why do my sprinklers stay on?

More often than not, there will be a valve that is stuck in the “open” position on the pressurized system. When the valve remains open, water continues to run down the line, which causes your sprinkler to continuously run even when the timer is in the “off” position.

How do you turn off a Rainbird sprinkler system?

To turn off your sprinkler system at the controller, simply turn the dial/knob on the controller to the off position. Most controller user manuals can be found online, such as Rain Bird controllers (http://www.

How do you manually start an irrigation system?

The first way to open this valve is to open the manual bleed screw. You will notice that the manual bleed screw is located towards the back of the valve near the flow control. To open the valve manually, twist the manual bleed screw counter-clockwise until the valve opens.

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How do I turn on my sprinkler system?

Slowly open the main shutoff valve to let water into the sprinkler system. For a ball valve, turn the lever handle one-quarter turn until the handle is parallel to the pipe; this is the fully open position. For an in-ground shutoff valve, use a sprinkler valve key to turn the valve counterclockwise until it stops.

What does seasonal adjustment mean on sprinkler system?

Seasonal adjustment is a feature on most irrigation controllers that reduces or increases run times for all zones based on a percentage of the programmed time (Example: 10 minute run time at 50% would instead run 5 minutes).

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