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FAQ: Characters in i know why the caged bird sings?

Who is Violet Cullinan?

Mrs Cullinan is the white woman in Stamps and was Mayas first employer. She doesn’t respect Maya and doesn’t call her by the name she wants.

Who is Bertha Flowers?

Bertha Flowers. A black aristocrat living in Stamps, Arkansas. One of Maya’s idols, she becomes the first person to prod Maya out of her silence after Maya’s rape, taking an interest in Maya and making her feel special.

Who is Grandmother Baxter?

Grandmother Baxter A quadroon or octoroon, Grandmother Baxter, raised by Germans in Cairo, Illinois, was working as a nurse at Homer G. Phillips Hospital when she met Grandfather Baxter.

Who killed Mr Freeman?

After the rape is discovered, Mr. Freeman is killed (probably by Maya’s protective uncles). But his death does not indicate the end of his influence on Maya’s life—not by a long stretch. After the rape, she takes a vow of silence, worried that her words can kill.

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What was the cook’s real name?

James Cook

Captain James Cook FRS
James Cook, portrait by Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland, c. 1775, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Born 7 November [O.S. 27 October] 1728 Marton, Yorkshire, England
Died 14 February 1779 (aged 50) Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
Cause of death Stab wound

Why does Mrs Cullinan call Maya Mary?

Cullinan’s friends infuriates Maya when she suggests that Mrs. Cullinan call Maya “ Mary ” because “Margaret” is too long. Cullinan begins calling her Mary, Maya becomes furious. She knows Momma will not allow her to quit, so she decides she must find a way to get fired.

Why did Maya finally speak?

When she was 8 years old, Maya Angelou stopped speaking. She silenced her voice because she thought her voice had killed a man. For almost five years, she spoke to no one but her beloved brother, Bailey. The man she believed she had killed with her voice — her mother’s boyfriend, Mr.

Who did Mrs Flowers want to carry her bags back to her house?

Mrs. Flowers requests that Marguerite carry her groceries home.

Why were Bailey and Marguerite moved up a grade in school?

Why were Maya and Bailey moved up a grade level at their school in St. Louis? The children were very advanced in their subject areas, and the teachers didn’t want them to make their other schoolmates feel bad. Marguerite was not completely hones while on the stand during Mr.

Why does the narrator call Annie Henderson Momma?

Maya and Bailey’s paternal grandmother, Momma raises them for most of their childhood. Not knowing that Momma was black, a judge once subpoenaed her as “Mrs. Henderson,” which cemented her elevated status in the mind of the black community.

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What happens at the end of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

Maya Angelou’s autobiographical book ends with the birth of her son because it reinforces the main theme of the novel, the maturation of the main character Marguerite. By keeping the pregnancy a secret, Marguerite is able to graduate from high school, something she would not be able to do if her pregnancy is known.

What is the theme of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

After the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Angelou was inspired by a meeting with writer James Baldwin and cartoonist Jules Feiffer to write I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings as a way of dealing with the death of her friend and to draw attention to her own personal struggles with racism.

Who was the father of Maya Angelou’s son?

Why does Uncle Willie hide in the potato bin?

Uncle Willie hid in the vegetable bin to protect himself from the “boys” in the Ku Klux Klan. Maya describes him “like a casserole,” covered with onions and potatoes. Seeking God’s protection for Willie and the family, Momma prayed in the darkened store.

Why did Marguerite and Bailey beat?

Why did Momma beat Marguerite and Bailey? She thought they offended God by saying the phrase, “By the way”. She hated it because she thought they knew about Mr. Freeman.

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