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Why Did Night Bird Drop Out Of Agt?

My health has taken a turn for the worse since my audition, and the struggle against cancer is requiring all of my energy and focus at the moment. I am deeply sorry to have to let you know that I won’t be able to perform any further on America’s Got Talent during this season.

Why did nightbirde leave AGT 2019?

Why did Nightbirde leave AGT? Nightbirde, also known as Jane Marczewski, elected to quit the program to focus on her struggle with stage 4 breast cancer. The 30 year-old, who wowed judge Simon Cowell so much with her audition that he chose to send the singer directly to the live performances, said that her disease had taken a turn for the worse.

What did nightbirde die of?

(CNN) The singer Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name Nightbirde, has passed away following a battle with cancer, according to her family. Marczewski garnered a legion of admirers after becoming a competitor on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ which led to her passing.

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Why did nightbirde leave the Masked Singer?

  1. The character Nightbirde, also known as Jane Marczewski, made the decision to exit the program so that she may concentrate on her fight against stage 4 breast cancer.
  2. The woman, who is 30 years old and has cancer, disclosed that her condition had deteriorated since her last audition, which was so impressive to the judge Simon Cowell that he chose to advance the singer directly to the live events.

What happened to nightbirde on the X Factor?

During her audition, Nightbirde disclosed to the judges that her cancer had progressed to her lungs, spine and liver, and that doctors had only given her a two per cent chance of life. The singer entered into remission in July of 2020, despite the fact that the cancer will come back later.

What happened to night bird on America got talent?

(CNN) Jane Marczewski, a singer known by her stage name Nightbirde, who acquired a following of admirers after becoming a competitor on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent,’ has died after a battle with cancer, her family revealed.

Why did Night Bird have to drop out of the AGT competition?

On Monday, the singer took to Instagram to disclose that her health has ‘taken a turn for the worse,’ and she’s opted to leave the competition to focus her energies towards fighting her disease. ‘ Sharing my feelings with the world on AGT has been an honor and a dream come true.

What happened to Simon Cowell?

Although Simon Cowell is making progress in his recuperation from the recent injury he sustained while riding an e-bike, the celebrity is currently battling COVID-19 after becoming infected with the virus.

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Did AGT 2021 get hurt?

  1. When the prank didn’t go as planned, Goodwin was at Atlanta Motor Speedway shooting a new spin-off of America’s Got Talent.
  2. He was restrained by a straitjacket and held between two burning automobiles that were suspended 70 feet in the air.
  3. After the cars caught fire, he was released.
  • Because Goodwin failed to catch the air mattress that was designed to cushion his fall, he ended up hitting the ground with his head.

Why did Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer drop out?

Following an emotional performance in which she spoke about being greater than her disease, Marczewski was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Simon Cowell. Earlier this month, Marczewski said on Instagram that she would be withdrawing from the competition because her ″health (took) a turn for the worse.″

What did Simon Cowell say about Nightbird?

Nightbirde, a former contestant on ″America’s Got Talent,″ is being remembered by judge Simon Cowell, who has described the late singer as ″brave″ and ″gifted.″ The news that @ nightbirde has passed away is really upsetting; she was a wonderful person who was also very brave and brilliant. She had a significant effect on America’s Got Talent and the world in general.

Where is Night Bird now?

  1. After a courageous fight against cancer that lasted for four years, the gifted vocalist Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name Nightbirde, passed away on February 19th.
  2. Her family issued a statement confirming Marczewski’s passing after conducting an investigation.
  3. They sent a statement to TODAY in which they said things like, ″We, her family, are saddened by her passing and tremendous loss.″
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Who is Nightbird Jane on America’s got talent?

Jane Marczewski, the singer who was originally from Zanesville and was known as ″Nightbirde,″ and who became a hit after performing on ″America’s Got Talent,″ lost her fight with cancer and passed away on Saturday night at her home in San Clemente, California, accompanied by her family. Her age was 31. Katelyn, Marczewski’s sister, stated that her passing had been verified.

Is Simon Cowell still married?

Simon, who has never been married, confessed that he can’t picture himself dating ever again as he puts his bachelor lifestyle behind to tie the wedding with Lauren. In an interview with The Sun, he stated, ″I just just couldn’t picture myself ever dating anyone again.″ It seems absurd to even consider going on a first date at this point in time.

Is Simon Cowell ill 2021?

  1. According to a person with knowledge of the situation who spoke to Variety, ″Simon shattered his arm and is presently healing nicely.″ After suffering a broken back in a bike accident in the year 2020, Cowell was forced to take a leave of absence from television in order to undergo surgery, as well as intensive rehabilitation and recuperation.
  2. After 17 years on the air, his beloved talent program ″The X Factor″ was pulled from the air in 2021.
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