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What Happened To Bird Martinez?

An intruder reportedly attacked Erika ″Bird″ Martinez and her husband Marioh in the early hours of Sunday morning in their home in Santa Clarita. Erika ″Bird″ Martinez had started uploading culinary videos to her channel ″Cooking with Bird Martinez″ on YouTube the previous spring. According to the information provided on their GoFundMe pages, both individuals sustained several stab wounds.

Can bird Martinez walk?

And in order to become well, I had to let go of the past and say to myself, ″Okay, let’s do this; let’s focus on myself.″ Martinez is now able to breathe, move with help, and even cook on her own thanks to the months of treatment she received as well as a hearty dose of good fortune.

How old is Erika Martinez?

Mariohandbirdie Congratulations on your birthday, Erika Bird Martinez! In this image, we were both 18 years old, but now we are both 34 and we are becoming

Is Bird Martinez paralyzed?

According to the Martinez Family GoFundMe, Martinez was diagnosed with quadriplegia as a consequence of many knife wounds to the neck and back, which left her paralyzed. The money raised will go toward helping the Martinez family.

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